Working Groups

One of the main ways we will be organising is through the use of Working Groups, which are smaller groups with specific organising purposes e.g to figure out how we will obtain food and medicine. These Working Groups will be individual Whatsapp groups that will then feedback into the larger group. If you want to join the working groups, follow the links below (please remember to be kind and respectful to one another as organising can be stressful!)

A more detailed directory for working group resources can be found in the Working Groups Directory.

Working GroupDescriptionLink
CommunicationInternal and external, such as contacting other organisations
DispatchPhones, emails and forms
DistributionDistributing flyers, food, medicine
ResourcesWhere is food stored, how do we get it
TrainingHelping train volunteers in helpful skills
Mental Health SupportMental health support
Medical and SafeguardingMedical and Safeguarding

Here is some further info for some of these working groups:


Poster Text:

Phone Rota:


Proposed Dispatch Process Structure

Proposed Dispatch Structure (18/03/2020)

Task List:

Protocol and volunteer/coordinator guidelines (work in progress):]

Dispatch WG Gdrive folder:

Medical and Safeguarding

Draft of volunteer safeguarding protocols:

Meeting Minutes

Rep Meeting Minutes:

16th March- Working Group and General Meeting Minutes [[1]]

15th March – Working Group and General Meeting Minutes [[2]]